Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This year I will....

The New Year can be that special time when we can take a step back and reevaluate our life, at least as far back as the previous year and then look ahead to the goals and dreams we hope for in the upcoming months.

What will you be doing this year? Your Oakland Public Library may have just the information you need to help you with your decisions.

If your goal is to spend more time with your family this year we would like to point out several books on games. Do you recall the games you may have played as a child? They can be just as fun today with your own children. Don’t forget to encourage your children to teach you some new games as well. There are trivia, riddles and puzzles to bring fun to the table. While camping, hiking, fishing and hunting are wonderful ways to share the out of doors.

Thinking of getting your finances in order this year? Try authors Suze Orman or Jane Bryant Quinn for some great advice. Pick up the “Complete Idiot’s guide to Wills & Estates” or Deb Knuckey’s “Ms Spent Money Guide” to create your financial plan.

Too much stress?? Relax and get crafty this year. Let your creativity come alive with anything from scrap booking to photography to knitting to jewelry making.  The possibilities are endless!  And the Fine Arts department at the Burt County Fair will be thrilled to have your creations on display!! 

Is your goal to really “get online” this year? Stop in and check out our selection of computer related reference materials in the library. If reading these creates even more questions for you, ask your librarian! She will schedule a time to sit down with you on one of the library computers for some one-on-one assistance!

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