Friday, April 23, 2010

Direct Meeting

The Eastern Library System, of which the Oakland Public Library belongs, meets approximately every other month to discuss current library topics and issues; to share information and provide support to those in our field. Our meetings are led by our Eastern Library System Administrator, Kathleen Tooker.

This month the Direct meeting was held in our library.  Attendance included, Francine Canfield of the Baright (Ralston) Library, Denise Lawver of Wahoo Public Library, Connie Manzer of Springfield Public Library, Frankie Kirkwood of Valley Public Library, Joyce Grass of Tekamah PL, Mary Jo Mack of John A Stahl (West Point) PL, Carol Duncan of Wisner PL, Lisa Flaxbeard of Bennington PL, Tammy Lorenz of Karlen (Beemer) Memorial Library, Guadulupe Mier of Bellevue PL, Rose Barcal of LaVista Pl, Laura England of Keene (Fremont) Memorial Library, Michael Heavrin of Lyons PL, Karla Shafer of Hooper PL, and Robin Clark of Sump (Papillion) Memorial Library.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Friends of the Library forms new name!!!

Would you like to be a Friend of the Oakland Public Library? The newly formed Friends group now meets every 3rd Monday at 6 pm in the library! Advocates of the Library, or AOL for short was chosen as the group's new moniker.  AOL is a non-profit, volunteer organization. Friends are people, like you, who take pride in their Library system and volunteer services to raise funds to support the Oakland Public Library's programs.