Friday, October 30, 2009

We have a beautiful new display case!!

I have visited many libraries and one of the things I have often admired in each one is their display case. Located in various areas of different libraries these cases are often used to showcase a community member's special collection. It may be a collection created by the individual, a form of art work or craft; or it may be a collection following a theme, such as a collection of sport memorabilia, antique dishes, or community history.

The Oakland Public Library was recently fortunate to purchase a lovely display case which may be viewed in the library. Prominently visible when entering or leaving the library, this case is locked at all times to ensure the protection of the collection on display. We appreciate that any items featured in the library’s display case are someone’s treasures and we wish to show our gratitude by securing these items while under our supervision.

R. Kevin Anderson graciously offered to be the first to fill our glass shelves by bringing in a variety of antique glassware. This was a beautiful display that brought immediate attention to our new case. It was not uncommon to hear complimentary “oohhhs” and “aaahhhs” coming from our library patrons each day.

Joanne Peterson has brought to the library the color of fall as the second to fill our library case. Her display features beautiful marigold carnival glass complimented by fall decorations. The sunlight on this glassware brings out the beautiful iridescent sheen that is unique to each piece. It is truly a pleasure to view.

Thank you to Kevin and Joanne for their willingness to share their personal collections with us! We will be featuring special Christmas items during the month of December and have even had interest for January already. We all have collections even though we may not realize the interest they may inspire in others. If you are willing to share your items as a display in the library case I encourage you to call or stop in the library for more details.

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